Budget Bureau

What do we do?

  • Budget Bureau continues its activities since the entry into force of the Public Financial Management and Control Law no.5018 and due to the private budgeted institution status of Workshops Department.
  • Budget Bureau carries out its duty to follow up budget revenues, expenditures and to share with public the financial statistics of performance figures of investment and current items by taking into consideration the formation of revenue, expenditure budgets and investment program of our Department in a relevant year, effective, efficient, economic use of public resources in the framework of Strategic Planning and Performance based Budgeting System in terms of budget practices in line with Public Financial Management and Control Law no.5018 .

Our Co-Workers

Name Tittle Telephone E-Mail
Recep ÖZYURT BRANCH DIRECTOR 0312 414 79 10 (7910) recep.ozyurtadalet.gov.tr
Haluk AYDEMİR OFFICIER 0312 414 79 10 (7910) haluk.aydemiradalet.gov.tr
Soner BAHADIR OFFICIER 0312 414 79 08 (7908) soner.bahadiradalet.gov.tr

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