What do we do?

  • To plan the telephone conversations(of people or groups) deemed necessary to be made with authorities by arranging internal and external calls of the unit to which it is affiliated in consideration of the work and time status of the authority, and conduct conversations by order,
  • To ensure the transmission of written and oral directives of manager to the relevant person or units,
  • To use bureau machines,
  • To administer telephone conversations,
  • To transmit the incoming faxes to incoming section/people; send those to be sent to the relevant places,
  • To keep the register records and files of the personnel on a regular basis; record, file, and when necessary inform the relevant people about, the events related to the personnel,
  • To send the signed and remitted letters and files to the relevant units and people and monitor them; keep the entry-exit records of those necessary and archive them,
  • To conduct the procedures of incoming and outgoing cargos and conduct their follow-up and give necessary information to the relevant units, control the status information of cargos when necessary,
  • To ensure the performance of bureau services of manager such as stationery, inventory, cleaning etc.,
  • To be responsible from the devices s/he uses and which is under his/her responsibility, ensure the recovery of breakdown when necessary,
  • To carry out similar works to be assigned by superiors.

Our Co-Workers

Name Tittle Telephone E-Mail
Recep KARAKAYA SECRETARY 0312 414 79 53 (7953)

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