Publıc Housıng And Commercıal Unıts Bureau

What do we do?

The duties of this bureau are as follows:
  • Conduct works and procedures such as allocation, transfer, sale, renting, maintenance, repair for public housing purchased, constructed or obtained by having it rented,
  • Conduct works and procedures on renting out dining halls, cafeterias, tea centres, car parking areas, shoe shining, hair dresser’s, base station, PTT, bank office, ATM etc., which are located in any unmovable allocated by Ministry of Justice, to third persons by chief public prosecutors and chief judges on behalf of Workshops Institution.

Our Co-Workers

Name Tittle Telephone E-Mail
Celaleddin TAŞAR BRANCH DIRECTOR 0312 414 79 12 (7912)
Fatih ASLANGÜL OFFICIER 0312 414 79 11 (7911)
Kemal İLKDOĞAN DPCO. 0312 414 79 11 (7911)
Nermin ARKALI ELECTRİCAL TECHNICIAN 0312 414 79 24 (7924)

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