Accountıng Bureau

What do we do?

Within the scope of the Public Financial Management and Control Law no.5018;
  • Accounting the activities and procedures of workshops directorates formed in penal institutions in conformity with their natures and in a healthy and reliable manner,
  • Comply with the procedures and principles on preparation and publication of financial statements in a timely and accurate manner in a way to ensure effective functioning of decision, control and accounting processes, which will form the basis of meeting the information needs of the management and other relevant people and final account statement in accordance with the standards specified in the General Management Accounting By-Law and Central Management Accounting By-Law in the framework of the basic concepts and generally accepted accounting principles,
  • Conduct procedures on movable and inventory records,
  • Determine the monetary limitations and the daily wage of convicts and detainees to be implemented in workshops,
  • Determine social aid to be given to nonunion workers by taking the salaries of public officials as a basis,
  • Conduct collective contract procedures on union workers,
  • Conduct procedures on profit-sharing.

Our Co-Workers

Name Tittle Telephone E-Mail
Sezen ÖZBAY CHIEF 0312 414 79 14 (7914)
Ahmet CELLAT OFFICIER 0312 414 79 14 (7914)
Coşkun MUTLU ACCOUNTANCY OFFICIAL 0312 414 79 13 (7913)
Fatih ÖZTÜRK OFFICIER 0312 414 79 13 (7913)

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