Promotion And Marketing Bureau

What do we do?

  • Conduct studies for raising awareness about the aim, targets and policies of Workshops Institution; accordingly, promote goods and services produced in workshops,
  • Provide guidance to workshops directorates in marketing goods and services (ensuring the necessary coordination and communication with workshops directorates, following up the process of signing, continuing and concluding necessary protocols etc.),
  • Make planning on sale and distribution of goods and services produced in workshops across the country,
  • Conduct researches and make suggestions on ensuring quality and price standards of goods and services produced in workshop, including also the products sold in canteens,
  • Organise exhibitions, meetings etc. in workshops and ensure standard and coordination in the events to be held,
  • Create necessary information pool on promotion and marketing, prepare and update question and answer catalogue on workshops institution in line with these information,
  • Prepare and update promotion materials such as any slide show, written and electronic brochure, product catalogue etc.,
  • Conduct all operations including also promotion, commitment, annulment process on the activities conducted as part of private sector cooperation,
  • Carry out all operations in the scope of press and public relations on promotion of workshops institutions,
  • Conduct procedures on web page of our Department, (design, updating etc.),
  • Organise, and ensure the participation of, social and cultural activities for the personnel of our Department in the context of creating a common institutional culture in the framework of aims and policies of Workshops.

Our Co-Workers

Name Tittle Telephone E-Mail
Menderes ÇELEBİ BRANCH DIRECTOR 0312 414 79 20 (7920)
Okan GÜLER CHIEF 0312 414 79 23 (7923)
Ülker TÜRKBEN DPCO. 0312 414 79 30 (7930)

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