Productıon Facılıty For Bread And Bakery Products Entered Into Servıce In İskenderun Closed And Open Penal Instıtutıon

The Department28 Şubat 2017 Salı

The production facility for bread and bakery products whose construction began this year in İskenderun Closed and Open Penal Institution so as to meet bread and bakery product needs of penal institutions located in İskenderun and its environs and ensure that convicts have vocational training in this area entered into service in December. Advanced technology machines are used at the facility with a production capacity of 4000 bread in a day and with a size of 300 square meters.

In İskenderun Closed and Open Penal Institution “Electric Electronic Atelier”, which is our country’s “LED Lighting Products” production centre, training is given on production, maintenance and installation of “LED Lighting” products and interior, exterior, environment, park, garden and building “LED Lighting” systems are produced at the atelier. This year the lighting of nearly 104 facilities including penal institutions, court houses and public institutions was conducted.