The Fıfth Evaluatıon Workshop Of The Faır Managers Of Workshops Instıtutıon Wıll Be Held In Antalya Between 1-5 Aprıl 2017

The Department27 Mart 2017 Pazartesi

The Fifth Evaluation Workshop of the Fair Managers of Workshops Institution will be held in Antalya Between 1-5 April 2017. 400 fair managers from 120 workshops directorates of penal institutions will participate in the meeting.

At the evaluation workshop which will last for four days, experts will give training on the evaluation of seven different fairs held in 2016, revision of works related to eight different fairs to be held in 2017, fair management, communication, introduction of products, marketing methods, product design, participation in international fairs, customer satisfaction and design of product labels.

Academics from universities and personal development experts will participate as trainers in the trainings at the meeting.