The Track Suıts Produced At The TeXtıle Atelıer Establıshed In Alaşehir M-type Closed Penal Instıtutıon By Workshops Instıtutıon Are Wıdely Acclaımed

The Department29 Mart 2017 Çarşamba

The track suits produced at the textile atelier established in Alaşehir M-Type Closed Penal Institution by Workshops Institution with a view to enabling the convicts without profession to have profession and developing the existing professions of convicts are widely acclaimed with their quality and design.

The atelier where 1000 track suits and 3000 t-shirts are produced in a month consists of cutting section, sewing section and store section. Track suits and t-shirts produced in Alaşehir M-Type Closed Penal Institution are put up for sale in Workshops Fairs and Sale Outlets.