Infant Clothıng Products Produced At The TeXtıle Atelıers Establıshed In Çanakkale Open Penal Instıtutıon By The Workshops Instıtutıon Are Hıghly Demanded

The Department19 Nisan 2017 Çarşamba

Infant clothing products produced at the textile atelier established in Çanakkale Open Penal Institution by the Workshops Institution so as to ensure the non-professional convicts to have profession and to develop the existing professions of Professional convicts are highly demanded.

At “the textile atelier” of Çanakkale Open Penal Institution Workshops Directorate, apart from infant clothing products, underwear for canteens and sales outlets of workshops institution, evidence bag for Chief Public Prosecution Offices; at “the facility of detergent production”, washing liquid, hand soap, surface blow and glass cleaner; at “the can production facility”, cheese, olive and olive oil cans, “at agricultural estates”, vegetables needed by penal institutions are produced.

Likewise, Gökçeada Facilities which will declare season on 18 June are operated by the Workshops Directorate of Çanakkale Open Penal Institution.