Terrarium Atelier Was Established İn Workshops Directorate Of Maltepe Open Penal Institution By The Workshops Institution

The Department27 Nisan 2017 Perşembe

Terrarium atelier was established by the Workshops Institution in Maltepe Open Penal Institution so as to ensure the convicts to have profession or to develop the existing professions of convicts.

At the Terrarium Atelier of Maltepe Open Penal Institution, after pebble stones are placed to the base of glass jar with different shapes, first coal dust, then organic soil is placed, thereafter plants are placed in this environment and terrarium is prepared in 25 different models.

Terrariums prepared at the Terrarium Atelier of Maltepe Open Penal Institution are put up for sale in the Sales Outlets of Workshops Institution and Fairs.