Socıal Facılıtıes Of Workshops Instıtutıon Kırşehır Open Prıson Became A Centre Of Attractıon

The Department23 Mayıs 2017 Salı

Social Facilities of Workshops Institution Kırşehir Open Prison whose opening was made in 2008 and which was established in an area of 800 square meters became a centre of attraction with its various menus, including meat obtained from cattle raised in open prison in an open area and vegetables cultivated in the agricultural land, open area, presentation aesthetics and quality.

420 cattle are raised in a natural environment; agricultural works are conducted in a land of 877 decars and 9.000 apple and 400 cherry trees are produced by Kırşehir Open Prison Workshops Directorate so as to ensure non-professional convicts to have profession or develop the existing professions of convicts.

At the Furniture Production Facility of KırşehirO pen Prison Workshops Directorate, the furniture needed by court houses and prisons is produced; at the Iron and Wire Cloth Atelier, fence wire is produced; at the Marble Atelier, souvenirs are produced and also 7000 breads needed by prisons are produced in a day. Cleaning of Kırşehir Open Prison is conducted and tea houses and cafeteria and sales outlet are operated by Kırşehir Open Prison Workshops Directorate.