The Inauguratıon Of The Workshops Instıtutıon Izmır Faır Was Made By The Vıce Justıce Mınıster Mr. Bılal Uçar

The Department23 Mayıs 2017 Salı

The Izmir Fair of Products and Handicrafts was inaugurated by the Ministry of Justice Prisons and Detention Houses Workshops Institution at “Izmir Bostanlı Coastal Road” on 20 May 2017.

Governor of Izmir Mr. Erol AKYILDIZ, General Director of DG for Prisons and Detention Houses Mr. Enis Yavuz YILDIRIM, Head of the Department of Workshops Institution Mr. Dr. Vehbi Kadri KAMER, Chief Public Prosecutor of Izmir Mr. Mustafa DOĞRU, Chief Public Prosecutor of Karşıyaka Mr. Kazım ARAPOĞLU, judges and public prosecutors working in the centre of Izmir and its surrounding court houses, prison governors and personnel and the directors and personnel working in probation directorates participated in the inauguration programme which was inaugurated by the Vice Justice Minister Mr. Bilal UÇAR.

60 prisons participated in the Workshops Fair organised in an area of 4.000 square meters at Izmir Bostanlı Coastal Road and also 180 personnel took part in the Fair.

On the first day, there was a high interest in the fair and 18.600 guests visited our fair and took information about the vocational training studies continuing in prisons.

At the Fair area, benches and camellias were established so as to enable the visitors to rest. Devices making video and photo shooting via air were used by the personnel of workshops institution at the inauguration ceremony of the fair, food stands were established so as to cater for visitors. Moreover, questionnaire forms were distributed to take the opinions of the visitors about the Fair and questionnaire collection boxes were placed to collect these forms.

Workshops Institution Izmir Fair will end on 26 May 2017 and this year eight fairs will be organised in eight separate places of our country.