Workshops Instıtutıon Combıned Copper Wıth Art Wıth Copper Processıng Facılıty Establıshed In Kahramanmaraş E-type Closed Prıson

The Department24 Mayıs 2017 Çarşamba

Workshops Institution established the second copper processing atelier after Muğla Open Prison in Kahramanmaraş E-Type Closed Prison.

Workshops Institution established copper processing atelier in Kahramanmaraş E-Type Closed Prison so as to both ensure the non-professional convicts to have profession or develop the existing professions of convicts and to protect and develop our traditional handicrafts, and combined copper with art.

Coppersmith, which is one of our traditional handicrafts, is the processing of copper plates and production of objects which are used in daily life. Copper objects which are ornamented with traditional patterns by using scraping and punch technique are totally manufactured with hand labour.

Furthermore, at “the Production Facility of Bakery Products” of Kahramanmaraş E-Type Closed Prison Directorate, any kind of bakery product is produced, notably cookie, biscuit and baklawa. At the textile atelier, bedlinen, pillow cases are produced.