Productıon Facılıty For Sesame And Opıum Poppy Paste Was Establıshed By Workshops Instıtutıon In Salıhlı Open Prıson

The Department26 Mayıs 2017 Cuma

“Production Facility for Sesame and Opium Poppy Paste” in which production is made without using additives was established by Workshops Institution in Salihli Open Prison.

Sesame paste is among the indispensable foods of a healthy life due to the fact that it is rich in its content of potassium, calcium, magnesium, phostfor, iron, zinc and fiber. Black opium poppy paste which is heart-healthy strengthens the immune system and has a positive impact on asthma and stomach diseases and arteriosclerosis.

At Salihli Open Prison Workshops Directorate, which is one of the most important vocational centres of our country in agricultural activities, vegetables are produced in an area of 23 decars with good agricultural practices in the land; greenhouse activity is conducted in an area of 2 decars; in the 80 decars of the publicly owned and idle land of 291 decars allocation of which was made to the our Workshops Directorate, walnut, in its 50 decars table grape, in its 7 decars olive and in the remaining land grain are cultivated.

Salihli Open Prison Workshops Directorate which continuously produce projects in the agricultural area brought the R&D studies on the construction of “Oyster Mushroom Production Facility” and “Pekmez Production Facility” to the final stage and these facilities will become operatio0nal in the shortest period of time.

Tea houses of Salihli Court House are being operated by Workshops Directorate of Salihli Open Prison.