Expert Staff Working İn Prisons Of Romania And Moldova Visited Workshops Institution

The Department13 Haziran 2017 Salı

On 29 May 2017, foreign experts working in prisons of Romania and Moldova visited Workshops Directorate of Ankara Open Prison within the scope of “Innovation, Development and Communication for better staff training in Prison Systems”(IDECOM) and took information about vocational training studies given to convicts and workshops.

At the thirty one ateliers and facilities of Ankara Open Prison, vocational studies for convicts are going on. Convicts receive training on production of oyster and inner and outer space plants in agricultural area; mantenance, installation aznd reparation of electronic devices of prisons and court houses as part of techical office works; production of wrought iron, iron door and straw man at the iron atelier; design and printing of books, journals and brochures at press and offset printing facilities. Furthermore, sales outlets of Şaşmaz, CJP Building, MoJ Building, Court of Cassation Building and Ankara Court House, Şaşmaz restaurant and social facilities, tea houses and cafeterias of Ankara Justice House, Kızılcahamam Judge's House, Ankara Court House are being operated. The cleaning of public institutions, notably land registry directorates, is conducted.