Workshops Institution Achieved A Great Success İn Reparation Of Public Institutions

The Department13 Haziran 2017 Salı

Workshops Institution repairs public institutions in the framework of vocational trainings it provides in the field of cdnstruction technologies so as to ensure non-professional convicts to have a profession or develop the existing professions of convicts. Thus, Türkoğlu Open Prison Workshops Directorate completed the roof reparation of Kahramanmaraş Court House.

Türkoğlu Open Prison Workshops Directorate, which provides training to convicts in twenty eight work branches, produce red pepper, hot pepper and urfa red pepper, mint, thyme, black pepper and cumin in its own land at “Spice Production Facility”. At the “Curtain Production Facility”, roller blind and zebra curtain are produced. At the “Furniture Atelier”, furniture suites needed by court houses and prisons are produced; meals of Court Houses, City Directorate of Land Registry, PTT City Directorate, City Directorate of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies are prepared. Tea houses, sales outlet, parking area, car washing area of Kahramanmaraş Court House are being operated by Türkoğlu Open Prison Workshops Directorate and its cleaning is made.