Workshops Institution Becomes A Model To The Sector With Its Studies In The Productioh Of Milk And Milk Products

The Department13 Haziran 2017 Salı

Workshops Institution, with the works conducted in milk and milk production facilities, on one hand ensures non-professional convicts to have profession and on the other hand becomes a model to the sector which is active in this field.

In 2016, at the high technology production facility of milk and milk products belonging to Workshops Institution, taking into consideration “Good Production Practices” and “Good Hygiene Practices”, 13.222.1412 liters of milk were processed and yoghurt, cheese, butter, ayran, daily milk, kephir with various grammages were obtained.

Workshops Institution, which broadens its range of milk products every passing day, sets as an example to the milk sector making production in this field with its strong technical staff structure, safe and high quality production, resilience in meeting the market demands with its new products, robust Research and Development Unit, good production practices and good hygiene practices, cooperation on the composition of universities,

At the facilities where utmost attention is given to occupational health and security and which gives constant training regarding these issues, studies were started to generate electricity from waste water with “biogas system”.