Workshops Institution Further Completed One Of The Biggest Livestock Investments Of Our Country

The Department13 Haziran 2017 Salı

Workshops Institution further completed one of the biggest livestock investments of our country so as to ensure non-professional convicts to have a profession or develop the existing professions of convicts.

The project and construction of “Small Cattle Facility” established in Niğde Open Prison were completed by Workshops Institution. The construction of the facility started in 2015 and was completed on 15 May 2017. At the Facility established over an area of 10.500 square meters including a closed area of 5.250 square meters, 2000 small cattle will be raised and currenty there are 1.449 small cattle at the facility.

There are three cattle facilities with each having a capacity of 600 cattle and a slaughter house with high technology machines and equipment and a slaughtering capacity of 150 cattle and 500 small cattle.

The construction of “Production Facility of Meatball and Fried Meat” with an area of 800 square meters is continuing in Niğde Open Prison by Workshops Institution and the Facility is planned to become operational this year in August.