Social Facilities O f Sivas İnönü Mansion Operated By Workshops Institution Are Greatly Admired

The Department13 Haziran 2017 Salı

Workshops Institution started to operate Social Facilities of İnönü Mansion located in Sivas so as to ensure non-professional convicts to have a profession or develop the existing professions of convicts.

İnönü Mansion which was turned into museum in 1945 and restored in 2000 is a two-storey house of Sivas with a closed area of 288 square meters and an open area of 2105 square meters consisting of wood, hipped roof.

Apart from Social Facilities of İnönü Mansion, vocational training is given to convicts at textile and iron ateliers and also dining hall, tea houses and cafeteria of Sivas Court House are operated and their cleaning is conducted.