Workshops Institution Conducts Important Studies İn Maintaining Our Traditional Handicrafts

The Department21 Haziran 2017 Çarşamba

Workshops Institution opens vocational courses by means of expert trainers in order to maintain traditional handicrafts. With these vocational courses, convicts, on one hand, have profession, on the other hand, our traditional handicrafts are maintained.

At “Wood Engraving Tokat Hand-Painted Kerchief Atelier” established in Tokat T Type Closed and Open Prison, “hand-painted kerchief handcraft” is taught to convicts by using the models obtained from lime tree over cotton or silk cloths.

The biggest feature of Tokat Hand-Painted Kerchiefs with a background of 600 years is that they are coloured printed and that "Tokat İçi Dolusu" and "Tokat Elmalısı" patterns are used. The patterns of Tokat Hand-Painted Kerchiefs production of which requires time and great effort are shiny and these patterns do not fade or discoloration does not occur.