A New Project İs Put İnto Practice By Workshops Institution İn Agricultural Production: Soilless Agriculture

The Department21 Haziran 2017 Çarşamba

A new project was put into practice by Workshops Institution with “soilless agriculture” practice in agricultural production by making cooperation with universities. At the greenhouses established by Isparta Open Prison Workshops Directorate, each of which is 390 square meters and where three separate soilless agricultural practices are conducted, cucumber, tomato and strawberry production started.

Vegetables and fruits of high quality are produced in vegetable growing in a soilless environment which is implemented by many countries in the world and where a large majority of vegetable production is made at the greenhouses in Europe; energy conservation is ensured, non-fertile lands are utilised and environmental pollution is prevented.

Through the inclusion of the practice of “agriculture in soilless greenhouses” to the trainings given by Workshops Institution on agricultural issues in order to ensure non-professional convicts to have profession, on one hand number of people receiving training in this field is increased and on the other hand it is ensured to disseminate this agricultural practice in our country.