Souvenir Production Atelier Was Established By Workshops Institution İn Elazığ Open Prison

The Department21 Haziran 2017 Çarşamba

Souvenir production atelier was established by Workshops Institution in Elazığ Open Prison in order to produce souvenirs from “Elazığ Cherry Marble” which is extracted only in Elazığ in our country and extremely rare in the world.

At the atelier established to ensure non-professional convicts to acquire profession, souvenirs such as clocks, pencil boxes, vases from Elazığ Cherry Marble under the guidance of expert professional trainers. On one hand, convicts have profession, on the other hand marble pieces extracted from mines are returned to economy. Souvenirs produced from Elazığ Cherry Marble are put up for sale at Workshops Sales Outlets and Fairs.