Silver Came Together With Art At The Ateliers Opened By Workshops Institution

The Department23 Haziran 2017 Cuma

At the silver processing ateliers established at Midyat M-Type Closed and Open Prison, Diyarbakır E-Type Closed Prison, Ankara No 2 L-Type Prison, İzmir No 2 T-Type Closed Prison and Balıkesir L-Type Prison, “Trainings on Silver Jewellery Processing” are given by Workshops Institution with a view to ensuring non-professional convicts to have a profession or develop the existing professions of convicts.

Training is given by expert trainers through these trainings on jewellery design, making jewellery with filigree method, making jewellery with wattling method, ornamenting the surfaces of jewelleries by cold enamel method, combining jewellery pieces by welding. The products produced as a result of the trainings are sold at Sales Outlet and Fairs of Workshops Institution.