31 MAR

Foundatıons Of Paınt Productıon Facılıty And Toner Fıllıng Facılıty To Be Establıshed In Kırıkhan Open Penal Instıtutıon Were Laıd By Workshops Instıtutıon

The Department 31 Mart 2017 Cuma

The foundation of paint production facility and toner filling facility to be established in Kırıkhan Open Penal Institution was laid by Workshops Institution on 22 March 2017. Chief Public Prosecutor of Kırıkhan Mr. Gökhan KAPAĞAN, President of Assizes Court Mr. Murat KALKAN, District Governor Mr. Mustafa ELKAYIRAN, Mayor Mr. Ayhan YAVUZ and judges and public prosecutors assigned in the Court House of Kırıkhan participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the facility with a magnitude of 800 square meters and four-storey.

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29 MAR

The Track Suıts Produced At The TeXtıle Atelıer Establıshed In Alaşehir M-type Closed Penal Instıtutıon By Workshops Instıtutıon Are Wıdely Acclaımed

The Department 29 Mart 2017 Çarşamba

The track suits produced at the textile atelier established in Alaşehir M-Type Closed Penal Institution by Workshops Institution with a view to enabling the convicts without profession to have profession and developing the existing professions of convicts are widely acclaimed with their quality and design.

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28 MAR

Our Mınıster Of Justıce Mr. Bekir Bozdağ Paıd A Vısıt To Sınop Open Penal Instıtutıon

The Department 28 Mart 2017 Salı

Our Minister of Justice Mr. Bekir BOZDAĞ paid a visit to Sinop Open Penal Institution on 22 March 2017 and received information about the vocational studies provided to convicts. During his visit, our Minister of Justice Mr. Bekir BOZDAĞ was accompanied by Governor of Sinop Mr. Hasan İPEK, Chief Public Prosecutor of Sinop Ms. Duygu BAYAR, Deputy of Sinop Mr. Nazım MAVİŞ and Deputy of Karabük Mr. Cumhur ÜNAL.

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23 MAR

Successful Vocatıonal Traınıngs Are Gıven To Convıcts By The Workshops Dırectorate Of Seydıkemer Open Penal Instıtutıon

The Department 23 Mart 2017 Perşembe

Successful vocational trainings are given to convicts by the Workshops Directorate of Seydikemer Open Penal Institution in eighteen different work branches, including agriculture. Convicts are given training by experts on “good agricultural practices”- notably soil care, irrigation, fertilisation, disinfection, use of agricultural machines - by Workshops Directorate of Seydikemer Open Penal Institution where olive cultivation is carried out in a land of in a land of 37 decars and greenhouse cultivation is carried out in a land of 3 decars.

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21 MAR

Workshops Instıtutıon Antalya Faır Was Completed Wıth Great Admıratıon

The Department 21 Mart 2017 Salı

“The Fifth Antalya Fair of Products and Handicrafts” which was inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Justice Mr. Bilal UÇAR on 9 March 2017 and which is traditionally organised every year in Antalya by the Ministry of Justice Penal Institutions and Detention Houses Workshops Institution was organised this year at Cumhuriyet Square, the handicrafts made by convicts were offered to visitors and the fair ended on 16 March 2017.

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