Head of Department

Dr.Vehbi Kadri KAMER

Head Of Department

    After taking office as candidate judge in 1991, he worked as public prosecutor respectively in Karlıova(Bingöl), Kocaali(Sakarya) Siverek(Şanlıurfa) and Karaburun(İzmir), and in 2001 he was appointed as rapporteur judge at Directorate General for Prisons and Detention Houses of the Ministry of Justice. In 2005 he became the Head of Department in charge of Probation Services. In 2014 he was appointed as the Head of Department of Workshops Institutions.

    Between 2003-2004, he completed master’s degree on “Administration of Penal Institutions and doctorate studies on “The Role of Penal Institutions and Probation Directorates in Socialisation of Children Dragged into Crime”.

    In 2002 his book named “Execution of Penalties and Security Decisions”, in 2003 his book named “Handbook of Monitoring Boards of Penal Institutions and Detention Houses” and “Execution Law and Prison Management”, in 2004 his book named “Institution of Execution Judgeship in Doctrine and Practice”, in 2005 “Execution of Penalties and Security Measures and Prison Management”, in 2007 his books named “Execution of Penalties and Security Measures” and “Execution of Probation Decisions” were published. Between 2005-2014 he engaged in the membership of Editorial Board of “the Gazzette of Sesleniş”.

    “His eighteen articles were published in Journals of Justice, Turkish Justice Academy, Turkish Bars Association, seventy three articles were published in “The Gazzette of Sesleniş” by the Directorate General for Prisons and Detention Houses and fifteen articles were published in Probation Journal. He was the editor of ten books published by the Directorate General for Prisons and Detention Houses.

    “He participated in twenty one symposiums, congresses and seminars on “Penal Institutions”, “Criminal Law” and “Probation System”. He was assigned in six national and international projects.
    He gave lectures in the Turkish Justice Academy on the issues of “management of penal institutions”, “probation system” and “juvenile law”. He submitted fifty nine communiques in seminars, conferences and congresses. He became the member of Advisory Board of International Symposium of Justice for Children and the member of Science Board in the 10th year Symposium of Probation in Turkey.

    “He conducted examinations in Austria, Germany, the USA, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Portuguese and Bosnia Herzegovina so as to conduct studies on “Judicial System”, “Management of Penal Institutions” and “Probation”.

    He received foreign language education abroad and has a good command of English.

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