Duties Of The High Board Of Workshops Institution


1- To determine the general aim and policies of workshops,

2- To approve the budget of Workshops Institution

3- To establish or abolish workshops,

4- To determine the employment procedures and principles of convicts and detainees,

5- To employ free workers pursuant to the provisions of the Labor Law no. 1475,

6- To determine the fees for free workers and decide on their dismissal,

7- To determine the procedures and principles of premium payment to the personnel and convicts,

8- To decide on the suggestions on the payment of profit share to the personnel, workers and convicts,

9- To suggest the inspection of the activities of workshops by justice inspectors to the Minister,

10-To approve or reject the annual work programs and projects, budgets, additional budgets, activity report and conclusion account of workshops,

11- To decide on source allocation to workshops and transfer of source from one to another,

12- To decide on the employment of monthly permanent staff from the General Budget,

13- To decide on the banks where the money of Workshops Institution and workshops will be deposited. .

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